Wine Cellar

The Apostles’ wine
cellar: 12 stairs below
ground, amidst
Roman ruins

Stampa cantina Ristorante 12 Apostoli
Wine list
  • 12 Italian sparkling wines
  • 12 French sparkling wines
  • 12 White wines from Verona
  • 12 Northern Italian whites
  • 12 White wines from Central Italy
  • 12 White wines from Southern Italy
  • 12 French white wines
  • 12 European white wines
  • 12 Valpolicella from the classic production zone
  • 12 Valpolicella from the larger production zone
  • 12 Amarone
  • 12 Red wines from the Veneto
  • 2 Red wines from Northern Italy
  • 12 Red wines from Central Italy
  • 12 Red wines from Southern Italy and the islands
  • 12 French red wines
  • 12 European red wines
  • 12 Dessert wines
  • 12 After dinner liqueurs
The wine cellar

Discover the
apostles’ cellar

Located under an 18th century vault, the wine cellar houses the best expressions of local and Italian wines. The cellar is also home to memories tied to the history of the restaurant and the city, including, for example, “Le penne che parlano,” a collection of pens from the most important names in Italian journalism, culture and art who visited the restaurant starting in the 1900s up until today.

The 12 Apostoli wine cellar is a patrimony of cultural heritage for the people of Verona and anyone who loves the city.

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