The restaurant will reopen
for dinner on Tuesday,
september 8th.

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The Gioco family has welcomed
guests to their Verona restaurant
with great joy for over a century.

Guida Michelin 2019

Recently renovated both in terms of
the interior design and spirit, the restaurant
is managed by Filippo Gioco with chef
Mauro Buffo in the kitchen.

The fourth generation
of the Gioco family

The family

A project of rebirth
in which the restaurant
isn’t considered a museum,
but a place of active culinary
research and discovery.

A journey of research and discovery
based on solid roots and fertile land
that leads to looking at the world
on a global level to better understand
one’s own identity.

The frescoed dining room
is home to twelve tables cloaked
in white tablecloths. The lighting
in the restaurant was designed
to place the focus on the center
of each table, creating a theatrical effect.

In the kitchen, guests will find Chef Mauro Buffo who recently returned to Verona after years spent perfecting his craft in many of the top restaurants around the world.
His culinary philosophy is based on the harmony between ingredients and people.

The chef

“There is no need to remind
me that even a man who doesn’t
love good food and good wine
has a soul and even a stomach.
I am simply convinced that he has
an instinctive attraction for unhappiness.”

Four tasting menus: Specchi, Sguardi, Riflessi, Giravolte

4 menus

12 steps below the cellar rest
precious archeological ruins:
roads, stones and marble
from Ancient Rome

Guests are invited to have dessert
down in the wine cellar. They can sit
around a communal table and enjoy their sweets,
while surrounded by a carefully curated wine selection,
presented in multiples of 12.

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